A little Camp NaNo

So Camp NaNo has started and tonight I met with the Peoria WriMos group for a write-in. Got about a thousand words written – finally something original instead of a re-write! It felt great to have the words flowing again; Nightwish in one ear (the female protagonist is based on Tarja Tarunen, formerly of Nightwish), chit-chat in the other ear, and words coming off of my fingers as fast as I could type them.

Never and Always is up to about 14,000 words now. I was hoping to make it at least 20,000 in length so I’ll have to go back and extend a few things. I figure I’ll be done by the time Camp NaNo is done at the end of July, then I’ll post it at the usual fan fiction places, including my Livejournal.

It definitely feels good to be free of writer’s block!

Brynna Morgan

By day a Technical Analyst for a Major Insurance Company's Corporate Office in the Midwest, by night a romance novelist, I've been writing since I was about eleven years old. I'm also a mother to two sons, ages 27 and 30. Favorite past times include writing, reading, graphic design and listening to music. You'll find I write a lot about musicians, mostly because I find them to be very intriguing.

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